Social Media Advertising

Be sociable. Be where your fans are. Give them a reason to follow, like and die-hard with your brand.. Well crafted social media ad campaigns to help you reach our to potential customers

Features of Getting Social with Us

Increase your social presence with good fan base

Get noticed everywhere around the world. Wherether you want to reach your customers locally or worldwide, We tailor custom made marketing tactics that speaks directly to your client.

Brand Awareness Creation

Thousands of people likely to patronize your products and services are far and near. There are hundreds of businesses and brands offering same services and products as you, but how do you stand out? Why must your brand be considered over the others? That's where we come in. The LEMONs never fail.

More leads. More Prospects. More Sales.

As we create entizing contents and stories about your brand, we keep records of enquiries and follows up on leads and prospects. We don’t leave your customers in the shadows, we sell your products and services the professional way giving them a good reason to consider your brand

Good data analysis, Better targeting

Digital marketing unlike the traditional marketing gives adveritisers the advantage to better interperate how well or bad their advertisement run. We report acurately on ad campaigns run on social media platforms giving attention and tweaks to improve overall campaigns. The Lemons believe that your investment on adverts should yeilds postive results.

Dedicated Team Management

We are made of a team of social media experts who speak and understand social. Your account is backed by a dedicated social media manager who gets your account and ads running the expert way.

Generate OnlineTraffic

A great way to generate traffic to your website. With better intergration of keywords easily most searched about your brand, your ad is sure to hit potential audience